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PD Pulse main parachute canopy

PD Pulse main parachute canopy
PD Pulse main parachute canopy
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The Pulse by Performance Designs is a lightly elliptical nine cell canopy designed especially to suit the active intermediate to experienced "fun jumper." A novice can also fly this canopy as long as it is loaded lightly. It is designed to provide soft and smooth openings, a very flat glide, responsive handling, and easy landings. The Pulse has a lower pack volume than typical canopies. It is very easy to pack because we put the right fabric in the right place. The canopy has Zero Porosity fabric on the top surface, end cell ribs, stabilizers, and the slider. The remainder of the parachute utilizes the same proprietary Low-Bulk Fabric as is used in PD's revolutionary Optimum reserve. The use of this fabric combination, along with many subtle aerodynamic improvements, results in a canopy that packs small, opens very nicely, and offers easy landings. Highlights of the Pulse are that the openings are smoother and quicker than the Sabre2 or Katana, a flat glide helps a jumper gets back easier from long spots, the landings are easier to time with less speed than the Sabre2 and the combination of zero-p and proprietary low bulk fabric. The Pulse is available in sizes of 107, 120, 135, 150, 170, 190, 210, 230 and 260 square feet. Please indicate the stock number when ordering or upload a custom order form below. For Custom Orders: Download the Order Form Fill it out Scan and save it as a PDF, JPG, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, or ZIP file Upload it below when you are ready to place your order! For In Stock Orders: Check the manufacturer's Stock List Get the identifying stock number or description Fill in the identifier in the text box below Place your order!


Note: Ribs 2R-18R and Bottom pannels 1B-9B are only available in White.



PD Main Canopy Color Chart

  Blackberry   Tangerine   Lime Green   Light Blue   Red
  Magenta   Lemon   Jade   Turquoise   Silver
  Neon Pink   Yellow   Kelly Green   Royal Blue   Black
  Watermelon   Gold   White   Navy Blue   *Orange
( * ) Color not available in zero porosity fabric.
Note: colors on screen may differ from real fabric colors and dye lots



PD Pulse Wing Loading Chart
Pulse-107 107 VLC N/S N/S N/S 114(52) 138(63) 160(73) 16.67 6.43 2.59:1
Pulse-120 120 VLC N/S N/S 115(52) 129(59) 155(70) 180(82) 17.65 6.81 2.59:1
Pulse-135 135 VLC N/S 110(50) 132(60) 146(66) 175(80) 202(92) 18.72 7.22 2.59:1
Pulse-150 150 VLC N/S 123(56) 149(68) 169(77) 195(89) 225(102) 19.73 7.61 2.59:1
Pulse-170 170 VLC N/S 143(65) 173(79) 193(88) 222(101) 250(114) 21.01 8.10 2.59:1
Pulse-190 190 VLC 140(64) 165(75) 194(88) 218(99) 247(112) 266(121) 22.21 8.57 2.59:1
Pulse-210 210 VLC 157(71) 190(86) 216(98) 230(105) 259(118) 275(125) 23.35 9.01 2.59:1
Pulse-230 230 VLC 172(78) 210(95) 228(104) 245(111) 268(122) 280(127) 24.44 9.43 2.59:1
Pulse-260 260 VLC 195(89) 230(105) 242(110) 262(119) 282(128) 302(137) 25.98 10.02 2.59:1

VLC = Varies with landing conditions. N/S = Not Suggested


Custom canopy orders:

After designing the canopy on PD's web site, you can submit the design details by choosing UAB Pikstipa as your dealer.

Stock canopy orders:

After selecting the stock canopy on PD's web site, you can submit the stock identifier details by choosing UAB Pikstipa as your dealer.