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Airtec Cypres2 AAD

Airtec Cypres2 AAD
Airtec Cypres2 AAD
Airtec Cypres2 AAD
Airtec Cypres2 AAD
Airtec Cypres2 AAD
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Airtec's goal: 100% Reliability and 100% Safety

Guaranteed for 15.5 Years.

Benefit from AIRTEC comprehensive experience and the competence of the unprecedented leader of modern electronic opening devices, the CYPRES. Only the original CYPRES quality guarantees the safety you are looking for - for 15.5 years. This also includes Airtec's unique and free worldwide repair services (with the exception of shipping), as long as there are no signs of intentional damage, and maintenance has been completed properly within the recommended intervals.


CYPRES - maximum Reliability that you can trust.





Airtec has extended its product line with an additional model.
Besides the Expert, Student, Tandem and Speed now there is the Changeable Mode CYPRES.

As usual with CYPRES units, it is unmistakably marked as Changeable Mode.
Further on, it permanently shows the set mode when it is on. The change into another mode is designed in a way that altering by mistake is not possible.